do you want some tea?

I do. if tea comes in such a funky package. bravo, Marks&Spencer!

vai vēlaties tēju? es noteikti, ja tēja iesaiņota tik kičīgās kārbiņās. bravo, Marks&Spencer!

images: Lovely Package

2 Responses to “do you want some tea?”

  1. 1 Rudolfs 22/02/2011 at 22:56

    Es meklēju “Like” button, bet nevaaru atrast :) Kāpēc nepieslēdz Facebookam?

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Madam Za


my name is Zane.

live in Latvia (we almost see Sweden across Baltic Sea). blog about Scandinavian design, interior, architecture, world fashion, my photography and sometimes things I just fell in love and that cannot be categorized. enjoy!

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